Chhbra Properties Pvt. Ltd. is a one stop shop for all your real estate needs. Whether you are a first time property buyer, or looking to make an investment in the real estate market, our Property Specialists guide you through the entire property buying process.

Chhabra and Properties. is a platform where real estate buyers, sellers and brokers can interact and exchange information, quickly, effectively and inexpensively.


Our Residential Services allows companies and individuals to develop strategies for their residential requirements through comprehensive services platform offering corporate leasing, relocation, portfolio management, acquisition, investment advisory as well as marketing.

We go beyond the conventional ‘buy and sell’ to incorporate a wide range of value added services as part of our integrated residential services platform to provide to our clients best in class services, suited as per their specific requirements.

We provide comprehensive Facilities Management and Property Management services across the country with a clear focus on maximizing value for our clients. Partnering with our clients, we facilitate an efficient transition, maximize revenue opportunities, lower operating costs, while maintaining high service levels and provide accurate, timely property accounting and reporting.

We are one of the finest customized designers and architects for constructions of modern farmhouses and buildings. Our designs, ideas and thoughts are a collaboration of traditional and contemporary ideas with modern approach. In our projectsand structures our work speaks out for itself with unmatched beauty, attention to detailing of the project along with state of the art technology in line with our clients requirements, needs and ideas.


Realty Professional growing collection of resale properties focuses on new, under-construction and ready-to-move units that are being sold by original owners. These are legally pre-vetted to ensure a clear title and physically inspected before being offered for sale. Most of these are at a handsome discount on prevailing rates.
The Resale Division also helps original buyers to book profits quickly and efficiently. For customers who buy into new developments through us, this is a part of the life cycle service support that we offer.

The Chhabra loan servicing platform is able to provide a range of services from broad portfolio management reflecting the in depth understanding of the real estate and credit markets to management of individual loans. Chhabra can provide the full range of services required to achieve the successful management of a lender’s portfolio of loans